A kid just yelled “the witch is coming!” at me.


Halloween Costumes in Dennison’s Bogie Book, 1922

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Ichiro Tsuruta

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You cannot be racist to white people

just like you can’t fire your boss

because you don’t have that power

Racism goes every way. I hope this is some joke. You’re blind and ignorant if you think racism doesn’t hit everyone. 


I know this is a bad time to state this, but I’m sorry to pop your bubble of ignorance by saying that yes, you can be racist towards white people. The whole white people in power thing only applies to America and some Western countries, come over here to Asia or Muslim countries like where I live, beluece me, most people hate white people here despite there being hardly any whites here. This post is disgustingly America-centric.

And before you all scream at me for being white, I am a Chinese girl. Thank you for your time.

it sick me sometimes how america-centric tumblr is.

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in 24 hours


my boyfriend is gonna be right here with me from London, fuck yeah

On the way to the airport to pick him up now

3 more hours of work

Then I’m off for 19 days tuck yeah


In case you missed it

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if anyone asks you who nick cave is show them this picture

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MGK <3

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an homage to Grace Jones starring model JODIE SMITH (Two Management LA, D1 Models LDN)

Photography by Elias Tahan
Styling by Kyle Blackmon
Makeup by Anthony Nguyen
Hair by Cantrell Mitchell

Yes yes yes yes yes yes

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Can folks give me recs on bright, bold, weird coloured lipsticks that’s not Lime Crime?

Please and Thank


Okay, so here are my tried-and-testeds.  I use everything with a lip primer, so this might affect my wear time, but:

  • Portland Black Lipstick Company. Come in lipbalm-style tubes with cute retro packaging. All smell pepperminty, so are kind of my catnip. Super creamy and easy to apply, really opaque and long-lasting. Fantastic.
  • Illamasqua.  Expensive but keep an eye out for their sales where everything rock-bottoms in price.
  • MAC. Okay I know, I know, but their lipsticks are fantastic, and I personally recommend Cyber and Candy Yum Yum and Heroine as truly fantastic shades.
  • My Beauty Addiction.  They sell lipsticks and lip paints, which are an even more pigmented stain-type thing.  All their products can come in either tubes or jars, which I love because I prefer to apply lip colours with a brush.  Their packaging is fugly, but don’t let it dissuade you. Their quality is banging.
  • Pretty Zombie Cosmetics.  They do liquid lipsticks that knock LC’s into a cocked hat. I absolutely recommend their longevity, application and coverage, and I own like three of them.  Apparently they’re coming out with more colours?  I bloody hope so.
  • Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.  Okay, I’m putting this on here because I have success with their lip tars in specific circumstances.  Everyone else recommends them for longevity, but I have reaaaal trouble getting them to do what they’re meant to (anyone got any tricks?) BUT: their colours are fantastic and I desperately want my hands on Technopagan as soon as possible.
  • Melt.  Aaaaaahhhh.  I love Melt!  I have DGAF, By Starlight and Space Cake and I fully recommend them.  They take some patience to apply because the matte texture makes them stiff, but they’re just fantastic for longevity and colour.
  • Impulse Cosmetics. Look at their colour range. Indie, beautiful texture, good wearing.  Nice quality for the price.
  • Inglot. None of their lipsticks have names, which pisses me off, and they don’t have immediately accessible weird colours, BUT! their website lets you order their Pacific Blue collection, and their oranges are spot on superb.  They also do iridescent lip gloss.

My D- Disrecommends:

  • Barry M.  Awful texture and no wear time at all on most of their stuff.  Nope.
  • Stargazer.  So many glorious colours, all of them absolute trash to wear.  I owned like 15 of them back in the 00s when I was a teen goth, and they were trash as hell but I loved them and we didn’t have internet shoping back then so.


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