'We are the Music Makers and the Dreamers of Dreams'

Photography & styling by Amberly Valentine for  Hedonist Magazine, December  2013 
Hair: Guiseppe Bulzis
Make-up: Akari Sugino
Models: Shannon Brennan & Irina Roshik


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I really just wanna put everything behind me and just move to London ; _ ;

Peter Murphy - Hang Up

Morgan McMichaels: “Young & Beautiful” @ Showgirls!




If you’ve ever wondered how big Gengars are, here is your answer. 


I’m the same height as a gengar, n’awwwwwww


Sylvian & Sakamoto - Forbidden Colours

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1. How did you discover your favorite band?

that was back during high school, and I was just started to interest in western rock, so I just download everything that with cool cover, and then here comes Adore by Smashing Pumpkins… I think that’s it maybe, I don’t know I can’t even remember what happened 10 mins ago.

2. First and last thoughts in the morning and at night

Both are “Am I day dreaming or actual dream now?”

3. Do you daydream? Imaginary situation you’ve thought of the most

All the time, for someone with insomnia it’s hard to tell the difference of awake, daydreaming or actual dreaming. And my dreams and daydreams are pretty much same as real life. So a lot of time I can’t tell from dreams and reality.

4. Fav clothing item you own?

this babe…?
It’s a under piece of kimono, but I wear as a jacket.


5. What’s the best pic you’ve seen on the internet? Link!

life motto

6. Fav movie/tv series scene?

Johnny Depp’s death in A Nightmare on Elm Street 
RuPaul’s Drag Race when Milk walk out at runway as boy Ru

7. Your reaction if you got to meet your fav artist?

may I have a 5 hours long conversation with Emilie Autumn…?

8. How would you react to yourself if you were that fav artist?

Tell me to keep doing whatever I’m doing and chasing my dream, never give up, because who I’m is fantastic and inspiring and the best I can to is being me. Keep on fighting because she know I can overcome and achieve everything.

…wish I can believe it…

9. Do you like your name? Would you have prefered a different one?

I didn’t really like it till people starting calling me as Redtail(if you translate Redtail to Chinese, it pronounced same as my real name.) so yeah I’m good with it now.

10. 1 word that describes you and 1 word that you think people would use to describe you

Bitch and Princess.

11. Reason behind your username?

My blog name used to be Intention Powders, so I came up with something goes along with it, also I’m a sarcastic bitch so I think that fit me pretty well.


Today was very dramatic and my brain is overheat to come up with 11 questions and stuff so sorry I couldn’t keep up the tag going.


crown her already

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Jessica Stam’s wide eyed gaze perfectly compliments the ‘frozen Ukrainian bride’ look which was frosty, shimmery and ethereal yet with a certain intensity and was created by makeup legend Pat McGrath for one of the best shows to grace the fashion world, John Galliano Fall/Winter 2009.via.

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repeat after me

if a bi, pan, or asexual person dates someone of the opposite gender


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an aristocratic cyclops not for your personal use.

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Postcard by Kira Imai

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